Box International provides technical consulting services to the cement and building materials industry. Our experience and professionalism deliver results to clients regarding cement industry opportunities worldwide.

Who is Box International Consulting?
Box International provides technical consulting services to the cement and building materials industries ranging from optimizing and improving manufacturing results in cement plants and related facilities to the development of new manufacturing capacity, plant expansions and process upgrades. Box routinely provides high impact cement manufacturing results to cement companies supporting management and operations with hands on training, one-on-one coaching, classroom lecture, plant operations audits, and other programs specifically implemented to safely improve cement production and key performance indicators. Box also provides clients all comprehensive technical and strategic considerations regarding planning, designing, financing, construction and commissioning required for new cement plants; capacity expansions or process upgrades.

Box International provides value added services to some of the largest global, multinational and regional cement companies in the world delivering results by leveraging existing manufacturing operations with enhanced technical operating skills. Box International also works with cement companies in all planning and development considerations regarding the design and construction of new facilities, financing arrangements, marketing strategies and sales, evaluation and assessment of facilities, business plans, transactional support, training and management. Box also provides strategic and technical services to non-cement industry clients who need objective, unbiased, independent evaluation and analysis regarding industry trends and dynamics. Our non-cement industry clients include multilateral and regional development banking institutions, commercial banks, investment banks, non-governmental organizations, private investors and governments around the world.

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